Winning Over Job Seekers in a Competitive Hiring Market

October 17, 2018 By admin

Sure you’ve all heard the big news but the unemployment rate is at a stunningly low 3.7% after the release of September’s federal labor statistics.
It’s a tight labor market, especially for roles in business, health care, and transportation. Recruiters and hiring managers have quite a few obstacles to climb. The closing conversations (heck, those opening emails!), hospitality displayed during interviews, and honest communications between employers and job seekers are crucial.
At our HR Breakfast with the good folks at Hired on Tuesday, we jumped straight into the controversy. Amid compelling insights from talent acquisition trailblazers at Stash, Peloton, Kustomer, and Splice, the speakers and attendees hashed out actionable strategies to survive this market.
Last week, we discussed benefits and wages. This week, let’s return to the job market and the interests of job seekers.
This week’s selection:
  • Status Update: What September hath wrought on the job market:  I will not dare to use the trite and often misused “f.n.” moniker but let’s get the basic facts straight first.
  •  Jobs Update: Part II: As reiterated above, a string of factors are involved in analyzing the numbers: hurricanes, the Fed, and future economic growth rates. In this compressed labor market, roles in recreation and hospitality however didn’t fare so well.
  • What Competitive Candidates are Really Searching For: Scratching your head about how to connect with your best recruits? Think about their family needs and health service concerns. As a few of our attendees at the HR Breakfast eloquently articulated, employers must consider offering benefits for multitasking young mothers and fathers.
  • More Job Openings. Less Seekers: Records have been destroyed this month as job openings surpassed 7 million. However, this overly optimistic view conceals the fact that many open roles have stringent requirements that only apply to a tiny fraction of unemployed Americans.
  • Why We Need to Be Talking About Gene Therapy:   For a fun twist, let’s return to science class. Genetic advisers and specialists will be in extraordinarily high demand in the future. If you work in bio tech, time to start connecting with candidates for these roles now.
HR Breakfast: Uncubed’s HR breakfast series brings together our community with community-minded meals, real conversation, positive vibes, and thoughtful networking. The highlights of our digital marketing breakfast in June can be viewed on our recap video.
Recruiting powerhouses from Stash Invest, Peloton, Splice, and Kustomer candidly shared their successes and failures in winning over their ideal candidates and thriving in a competitive market.
The next breakfast will delve into hiring and branding as a follow-up to November 8th’s NYC Uncubed (our experienced tech talent career event in Brooklyn). Still looking to attend NYC Uncubed as either  a job seeker or a hiring employer? Passes are still available, reach out with any questions.
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