Wonderful statistics + Wage gap + VICE Future of Work event + benefit equity + lots of HR jobs

May 30, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

And a note on a record setting week...

Hi friend,In it’s-really-nothing-to-brag-about news, I set a personal record for meetings in a single day on Tuesday. The primary reason for this has been the number of meetings required to speak with all of our HR Uncubed presenters in an effort to set expectations, provide tips and, if they’re fun, have a bit of a laugh.

Despite the bandwidth required (we have almost 50 presenters), I love it. Just yesterday I had the chance to riff with two of our headline presenters, Tina Roth Eisenberg, a legend in the creative community, and Bo Young Lee, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Uber. Such amazing people. Genuinely smart, thoughtful, caring, and critically thinking humans. The experience has leveled up my confidence in the quality of the content you’ll get if you decide to come join us.

Related: Just yesterday we sold out of available sponsorships for the event, which means we can subsidize even more tickets for those experiencing budget constraints. If that’s you, simply apply for a free or subsidized ticket. Otherwise, the price jumps in 2 days.

Apply now & schmooze later: Down below I’ve featured loads of HR & Talent jobs from companies attending HR Uncubed. If you’re coming, apply below and meet the team at the event!

Side-note: I’m sure many of you are sick of my mentioning this conference, but it really is a meaningful chunk of my day and often I don’t know what else to write about! Luckily it’s almost here!

Non-HR Uncubed News | A Nice Statistic: Apparently, over 6K NYC students took the AP Computer Science exam a couple of weeks back, which is up from about 600 just 9 years ago. Last year, 42% of those were girls and the number of those identifying as Black and Hispanic increased by 55% and 46%, respectively.

So long as they don’t build the bots that kill us all, things are lookin’ up! (Thx Tech:NYC for the tip).

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ReadA case for childless workers in a world of ‘family friendly’ policies, by HR Uncubed presenter, Simon Fenwick.

AttendVICE – Future of Work – On Wednesday, June 19th, VICE talks to industry leaders and laborers to learn how radical developments in automation and AI are set to change the world of work.

Policy Update: California Senator & Democratic Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris, is proposing an “equal pay certification” to prove that men and women are paid equally for equal work. Learn more here (The North Star).

Change can happen: Danone’s CEO has a 90% approval rating on Glassdoor. Dig into why in this article on what happens when you ask 100,000 employees to help run a multinational company. (Quartz – H/T Hung Lee)

Tools: Also from my pal Hung, a list of Airtable templates for HR leaders. It’s a wonderfully useful list for applicant tracking, on-boarding, time tracking, university recruiting, and more.

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