A word on character + a very fun video + McKinsey’s FoW Report + Employer Branding challenges you can relate to

July 25, 2019 By Tarek Pertew

Plus, how to stay alive walking over the Brooklyn Bridge...

Hi folks,

I biked over the Brooklyn Bridge today to and from a breakfast meeting. After years of negotiating the gauntlet that is the Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path, (a lane covered with pedestrians, tourists and “influencers”), I can’t help but ask myself A.) how many people daily end up in a collision or are catapulted into the river? and B.) How is it possible that the design has not changed?

Anyway, if you’ve biked over the bridge, you know exactly what I’m talking about and are moving your mouse over the “reply” button as we speak to unite in solidarity.

HR Breakfast: The Good:

We had quite the beautiful breakfast setup yesterday morning, thanks to our friends at flexible workspace startup, KettleSpace. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail on the one hand and an other other, horrified that we’ve set a new level of expectation for future events.

We dove right in on the challenges some attendees face with employer brand perception. In other words, candidates have perceptions on what work-life at a company must be like because they are familiar with the brand. Museum of Ice Cream must be like working at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, right? Surely Franklin Templeton Investments is like working at a company stuck in the 70s. You work at Dow Jones? That’s the stock market index, right? (Not right).

As a group, we discussed the impact that content (particularly video) has on “correcting” these perceptions. A few folks shared some nice examples. Jarrod from EmblemHealth shared how impressed he was with these “possibilities stories” from Goldman Sachs. It’s not what you’d expect from the finance giant. Or how “Impact Descriptions” can replace Job Descriptions, as described in this 21st Century HR podcast with Lever recruiter, Caitlyn Metteer.

In saving the best for last, however, Tom Gerrity from Stash shared this very fun video made by their their internal video team. I confess, I was skeptical at first. But it’s actually a very enjoyable watch. What was especially exciting for me, was spotting two folks in the video that I’ve played soccer against!

HR Breakfast: The Bad

I knew I’d write this in today’ email even before yesterday’s breakfast. So, please afford me one little display of pet-peevery as I take a stroll into Negative Town for a moment (those new to this list, I’m not the scrooge that these next few paragraphs may make me out to be! You’ll see starting with next Thursday’s email).

After years of events, I still get disappointed when people RSVP and, even when I do my best to over-communicate the importance of showing up, skip out without notice. It’s basically the event version of “ghosting,” a topic within HR that we’re all familiar with.

When folks don’t show, there’s a waste of space, food, and, dare I say, anticipation of enjoying your presence.

Luckily we’ve developed quite the model to predict how many people will actually show up. Yesterday, for instance, we asked the venue to make preparations for 50 attendees. To put this into perspective, 104 people RSVP’d. 31 folks politely notified us that they would no longer be able to attend, leaving 73 confirmed attendees. 23 people played hooky without warning, leaving us with the 50 attendees that we expected.

I’m proud of our prediction abilities (maybe there’s a business in that). But that’s 32% of expected guests that didn’t notify in advance that they were no longer going to attend. And sure, it’s an HR breakfast hosted by a HR Tech company that wants the HR world to know what we sell. So, it’s not like they skipped out on Uncle Charlie’s and Aunt Ellen’s family BBQ. Plus, I’m sure some had emergencies…

All this to say, when asked what my favorite trait is in a friend or colleague, I respond “reliability”. I’m borderline obsessed with it. Which is why I felt compelled to share these thoughts on this fine Thursday afternoon.

Hiring (reliable) people: My dear friends, we are hiring a talent associate to join us in a part-time capacity. We’re also expanding our studio team and hiring a FT video producer / copywriter. If you know someone, please send them our way.

Asking (for a friend): A friend is looking to hire a recruiter in SF. Must love dogs, since you’ll be recruiting dog-lovers to a very cool pet-tech startup in the Bay Area. Job posting is not public, so email me if interested and I’ll forward you along.

Read/View: A Professional Day-in-the-Life: Wanna know what it’s like to deliver food in NYC? Look no further than this media-rich article in the NY Times (H/T Charlie O’Donnell)

Probably a must read for all of us: McKinsey’s Future of Work Report (H/T Hung Lee).

See you next week,


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