The Cognitive Computing Odyssey: IBM Job Track Overviews

Below are the 4 career fields eligible to participate in The Cognitive Computing Odyssey. Click to learn more about each before completing your application:

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Engineering / Development

Developers at IBM innovate for the company and its clients by researching, designing, implementing, testing, training, and supporting full lifecycle software products and some of the highest-performing systems in the market.

The Developer track at IBM consists of 5 types of roles:

  • Software Developer (full-time + internship)
  • Cognitive Software Developer (full-time + internship)
  • DevOps Developer (full-time + internship)
  • Site Reliability Engineer (full-time only)
  • Extreme Blue Technical Intern (internship only)

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Product / Offering Management

Product/Offering Managers at IBM are data-driven, user-centric, and technically minded entrepreneurs from diverse educational backgrounds. They are emerging leaders who are entrepreneurial, adaptable, analytical, persuasive, empathetic, tenacious, and creative problem solvers – well versed in both business and technology concepts.

Offering Managers work closely with Design, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Legal teams to:

  • Articulate markets, research users, and define the competitive landscape
  • Innovate with established & emerging technologies (software, hardware, and services)
  • Act as change agents and champion strategic initiatives, partnerships, and acquisitions
  • Develop and execute roadmaps, business models, and go-to-market plans
  • Ship offerings and products
  • Define pricing, packaging, positioning, then measure (everything)

Offering Managers might have an education and background in areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, engineering, computer science, market/user research, design thinking, technology commercialization, business, or go-to-market practices.


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Design, User Experience (UX), & Front-End Development

The Design Team at IBM includes software designers, front-end developers, and researchers who conceive, articulate, and lead the future of the entire IBM portfolio:

  • Design Research: Use ethnographic approaches, field immersions, and old-fashioned desk research to unveil complex human needs, behaviors, and perspectives.
  • Visual Design: Primarily play in design systems using typography and color to create unified visual experiences.
  • UX Design: Craft stories around intended experiences that connect people in meaningful, enduring ways through the interpretation and synthesis of research and requirements.
  • Front-End Development: Write in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to connect engineering to the user interface (UI).


Apply for Design, UX, & Front-End Development roles through The Cognitive Computing Odyssey.



Analytics & Data Science // The Analytics & Data Science track is closed. Apply for the “Engineering / Development” track instead, if a fit.

Please Note: Knowledge of Python is required in order to complete the “data challenge” for this track.

Data Scientists at IBM prepare, analyze, and understand data to solve complex business problems, predict emerging trends, and provide recommendations that optimize results for IBM’s clients.

More specifically, Data Scientists:

  • Extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data
  • Communicate with internal and external clients to understand business needs and provide analytical solutions
  • Analyze data using predictive analytics, data mining, pattern recognition, data modeling, machine learning, and various statistical methods to solve large-scale optimization problems
  • Implement and validate predictive models, and create and maintain statistical models with a focus on big data
  • Use statistical concepts such as regression, time series, mixed model, Bayesian methods, clustering, etc., to analyze data and provide insights
  • Work in an Agile, collaborative environment – partnering with scientists, engineers, and database administrators of all backgrounds and disciplines
  • Some experience with programming/scripting in a language such as Java or Python
  • Must have a basic understanding of statistical programming in a language such as R, SAS, or Python


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