100 Grand for a Tweet

Mind the glass. (Credit: thatguyfrombosnia via imgur)

500 Emojis of Summer

Can’t wait until Fall to turn yourself into a cartoon character? Fear not. Apple’s selfie-emoji platform – also known as iOS 12 – is available as a public beta. Sign up here.


Bird Money

Tweets are pretty much worthless these days, right? Wrong… at least if you’re John McAfee or a middle-aged Scotsman. McAfee, one of the internet’s craziest characters, said recently that he charges $105,000 per tweet to promote initial coin offerings.

Prefer an honest day’s work in social media? Here are 80+ jobs at companies like Headspace, Birchbox, Credit Karma, Yelp, and Coffee Meets Bagel.


Best in Glass

Apple’s iconic glass cube was returned to their flagship 5th Avenue store this month. Let’s hope that people can actually see the glass. Back in Cupertino, at least three employees have called 911 after getting hurt by running into the glass walls of the company’s new HQ (you can read the transcripts here).

If you’re interested in real estate, including the non-see-through variety, check out these real estate jobs at Warby Parker, Dropbox, LimeBike, and more.


Work Tech: Graphite Wrapped in Wood

Pencils are back. Blame the hipsters. From the there-goes-the-neighborhood file, a pencil emporium opened up a while back, just a few blocks over from Uncubed’s worldwide HQ.

They do have beautiful pencils, however – including a recycled newspaper number for $1.25 – and they’re available online. Check ‘em out.


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