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101 job opportunities at Instagram, Spring, Fastly, & Symphony

Who's got time for lacing this holiday season?

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Fear not. Though Nike’s new HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers (their first self-lacing product) may be sold out in stores, you can still buy a mint condition size 13 pair on eBay for a mere $10,000.

If you need a bit of help making those dreams come true this holiday season, check out 101 open positions at Instagram, Spring, Fastly, and Symphony.

Spring – 16 Open Positions
Spring is revolutionizing the way we interact with the brands we love. They’re a single shopping destination serving up 180,000+ products from 1,000+ big names including Adidas, Nikon, and Levi’s (to hint at some items on our holiday wishlist). The team is doing some shopping of its own this holiday season. Check out their 16 open roles in engineering, product, design, operations, and marketing.

Instagram – 26 Open Positions
Instagram recently disclosed that they now have 600 million monthly active users. To put that number in perspective (if it didn’t sound big enough), that’s nearly 10% of our Earth’s population, as Techcrunch helpfully points out. Looks like those new product changes have done ’em some good. Naturally the team is looking to grow alongside this acceleration. Check out their 26 open positions in New York and Menlo Park here.

Fastly – 34 Open Positions
Twitter, Vogue, and Vimeo trust Fastly’s next-generation content delivery network to create faster online experiences for their users. Their incredibly powerful servers across the globe help make this happen by caching content closer to users. If building a better internet is in your life goals, we suggest taking a look at their 34 open positions across the world here.

Symphony – 25 Open Positions
Symphony’s secure cloud-based messaging service is trusted by the largest banks on Wall Street, helping their teams communicate sensitive information between one another and partners across the world. They’re currently raising money at over a $1B valuation with plans to expand outside the financial vertical to serve the healthcare industry. Explore their 25 open positions here.

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