103 Great New Jobs at Postmates, Lumosity, Codecademy, and Neverever Limited

The Business

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We’ve got a great data point for you – 103 great new jobs at Postmates, Lumosity, Codecademy, and Rise. Check them out.

Postmates – 67 New Jobs

The on-demand delivery startup Postmates is looking for a delivery of their own – a slew of engineering, ops, growth, and admin professionals. Want to make a move? Check out their jobs right here.

Neverever Limited – Editorial Content Manager

Neverever Limited is looking for an editorial content manager who can create their news website (minus the technical aspects), set the tone and content strategy, as well as recruit and manage a pool of analysts/journalists. If that sounds like you, get in touch with Amina Ahmad right here.

Lumosity – 15 New Jobs

Lumosity’s virtual gym for your brain came at just the right time for the cognitive health revolution. If you want to join the brain wave, they’re on the hunt for designers, engineers, and more, all out of their San Francisco headquarters. Learn more here.

Codecademy – 20 New Jobs

Codecademy doesn’t promise users a full-time job after graduation, just a great introduction to the world of code. As they expand their offerings, they’re also expanding their team – check out all their New York openings.