106 jobs at Shutterstock, NewsCred, Breather, and Aloha

Donald Trump, arbiter of justice.

The Business

Maybe you can afford to take time off of work for jury duty after all – The Donald takes a break from trolling America to report to a Manhattan court for jury duty today. Looking for another reason to leave an underwhelming job? You’re in luck – here’s this week’s Business.

Shutterstock – 79 Open Jobs

A picture will last longer than these Shutterstock jobs – but don’t just stare. Shutterstock boasts benefits like on-site massages and tuition reimbursement and offices from Berlin to Chicago to right here in New York, their global headquarters. The stock image agency is hiring huge, so dig into everything on offer here.

NewsCred – 12 Open Jobs

Everyone wants to say they work for an award-winning company – so why not work for the winner of Best Snacks in Wakefield’s 2014 Best of New York Startups awards? To be fair, NewsCred’s prestige extends far beyond tasty treats, and the content marketing platform is looking to hire in sales, engineering, product, and more. Join the NewsCred crew, here.

Breather – 7 Open Jobs

Breather offers private spaces for busy urban professionals looking to catch their breath for any period of time. The company is hiring in Montreal, San Francisco, Boston, and New York, including some high-level roles like VP of Finance and Director of Expansion right here in the city. Take it all in here.

Aloha – 8 Open Jobs

You might expect a company that extols the virtues of a healthy lifestyle would ensure their employees live well. In Aloha’s case, you’d be right – gym reimbursement and healthy snacks are among Aloha’s benefits. They’re looking to hire for HR, marketing, and other roles, here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).