11 Must Follow Twitter Accounts at SXSW

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If you’re braving the crowds and the storms at SXSW this weekend, make the most of it and follow these 11 Twitter streams guaranteed to keep in you in the know about the free food, booze + wait times, as well as make you laugh with commentary from drunkards on 6th Ave. Meet your #FF SXSW 2012

Due to a cease and desist letter, the popular free food + drink twitter stream SXSW Free Noms has been re-branded to the less trademark infringe-y South By Free Noms, but we don’t care what they call themselves, this feed is an up to the minute stream of where the 0$ food is at in Austin. We’ll take it.


Flying a bit under the radar with only 271 followers, we predict that 2012 is the year that SXSWhine blows up, if only due to the inclement weather forecasted for much of this weekend. This feed RTs self-indulgent and bratty tweets complaining about all things rain, sold out parties, too long lines and hastags like #toomanyparties.SXSWhine

A running commentary of original and OH drunk quips from the streets of SXSW. Plenty of booze, nips and quotes like “brogrammer” to go around.


To compliment the massive list South By Free Drinks has compiled on their website (southbyfreedrinks.com), the Twitter feed SXSWFreeDrinks does just what it promises, down to tweeting out when parties are running out of free drink tickets. Follow the booze.


These girls are new to the SXSW Twitter stream, but they promise tips, lineups AND debauchery. Though they seemed to be more focused on the music portion of the festival, they are already tweeting about events, so we’re guessing they might have a thing or two to say about interactive.


Curated by local news and culture website austinist.com, you’ll find the local’s take on the influx of SXSW-ers (don’t worry, they’re nice). Last year they hosted a SXSW specific feed @SXSWist, but as of today it hasn’t been refreshed since March 15, 2011. Perhaps they got caught up in the same trademark kerfluffle as our dear @SouthByFreeNoms did. Here’s hoping they rev it back up!

Austinist Bio

Covering all the parties, all the time, the SXSWPartyList also hosts contests to win free passes to events around Austin. Follow them for a fun chatter of parties, events and tickets.


The official Twitter feed of the three-headed SXSWimf monster, you’ll find information about the SXSW GO app, the panels, the shows, the films, and the people behind the festival. A must follow for anyone with a badge.


The bio says “SXSW party banter,” and the feed is just that, RTs of party people in Austin. Check it out for a broad snapshot of what’s going on at any given moment.


Lots of local tips and tricks for the SXSW-goer on this feed. Check this feed out for Austin-insider information (see their article on 25 new places to eat since SXSW2011 (http://bit.ly/AlgAuR)


What’s SXSW without the BBQ, the breakfast tacos, and the abundance of food trucks? We don’t even want to know. What we DO want to know is where’s the beef? And when can we get it? Foodspotting does a great job of detailing the when’s and where’s of Austin’s street food, and for that, we love them.



Now go forth.


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