117 jobs at IBM Watson, Business Insider, LiveIntent, and Animoto

The Business

Now that we’re all done binging on House of Cards, we can get back to that whole finding an awesome job thing. We’ve got over a hundred of them this time. Let’s get to it.

IBM Watson – 61 Open Jobs

Plenty of tech companies say they’re revolutionizing this or that, but few make our heads spin like IBM Watson. While Watson gets smarter, the IBM Watson staff grows larger – we imagine it’ll take a while to fill out those majestic Astor Place headquarters. They’re hiring for more than five dozen gigs in New York, and plenty others abroad – get started here.

Business Insider – 26 Open Jobs

Naturally, many of Business Insider’s openings are in editorial, but they’ve got a good number of tech and sales gigs available too. Get inside the business that’s an insider of business, via this job post inside the Business, here.

LiveIntent – 18 Open Jobs

LiveIntent claims they’re aiming for world domination, though thus far, it seems they’re just dominating email advertising. Baby steps, we suppose. To get on board with bringing ads to inboxes, and perhaps eventually, all of humanity to your fingertips, check out LiveIntent’s careers page here.

Animoto – 12 Open Jobs

Animoto wants to turn us all into Wes Anderson – or at least, a damn good home movie producer. If working at Animoto feels like the inciting incident in your career epic, dig into their open jobs here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).


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