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12 apps and websites for making money on the side

Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, making money from what you’re good at, what you own, or what you’re willing to (legally) offer to strangers has never been so easy. Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite digital platforms for pulling in some extra cash.

Rent It Out 
Making money off your car doesn’t mean you have to drive for Uber or Lyft, as long as you trust in strangers. With RelayRides, you can rent your car out at the price and availability of your choosing – and yes, the company provides liability insurance. If you can invite a stranger into your car, why not your home? AirBnB competitor HomeAway is a lucrative, albeit exclusive source – the website prompts owners to “turn your second home into a second income.” And if you want to rent out just about anything else, Rentah allows you to get paid for sharing everything from power tools to playtime with your puppy.

At Their Service
What are chores without an allowance? These apps pretty much mimic the glory days of mowing the lawn for five bucks – you can get paid to grocery shop for Instacart, dog-sit with DogVacay, give advice and lessons on Google Helpouts, and do whatever customers damn well ask for on TaskRabbit. Or, you could just pick up that lawnmower again and hope for the best.

Make and Sell
If you’re crafty and want to get something more than lonesome satisfaction from your Rainbow Loom skills, you can’t go wrong selling goods on Etsy. And for the more digitally-inclined, you can sell photos, videos, and illustrations to Shutterstock.

Just Your Type
You spend so much time on your computer, why not get some extra cash for it? Elance and freelancer.com help you find online work, and if the task of transcribing doesn’t make your head explode, Scribie pays you by the audio minute (pro tip: that’s longer than most minutes).

Hopefully you won’t always have to make money on the side – in the meanwhile, it’s good to know you’ve got options.

Now go forth (and get paid).


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