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123 jobs at SeatGeek, Tally, AppNexus, and Yext

Even though it’s still over two weeks away, you’ll be hard pressed to find a street in Manhattan not adorned with Christmas lights. That’s not a bad thing – we simply advise against engaging with those aggressive Santas in Times Square. Here are some jobs.


SeatGeek – 15 Open Jobs | Sponsored

You’ll want to sit down for this one: SeatGeek’s hiring. Considering they claim to employ both a trained beekeeper and Olympic-hopeful fencer, these ticket search gurus are surely a whole lot of fun to work with – the monthly ticket stipend doesn’t hurt, either. They’re looking to hire a web engineer, marketing analyst, and junior recruiter, along with twelve other roles. So grab your popcorn and dig in here.


Tally – 12 Open Jobs

The best things in life come in dozens – donuts, roses, children in Steve Martin family films – so here’s a dozen openings for community managers at the recently launched Tally. They’re part-time roles with flexible hours, focused on outreach to help grow Tally’s community of content creators and picture scribblers. Get in touch with COO Ali Nicolas here.


AppNexus – 57 Open Jobs

AppNexus builds the technology to enable online advertising, and with ten offices on four continents, they’re enabling a whole lot of ads these days. Also, their New York office has a basketball court – that’s pretty damn cool. AppNexus has lots of open gigs in engineering, global services, operations, and more, so get the ball rolling here.


Yext – 39 Open Jobs

Yext’s integrated geomarketing solution lives in the cloud, and the company itself is practically raining jobs – they’ve got 39 roles open in everything from sales to engineering to analytics and more. Feel like you’re what’s next for Yext? Get cracking here.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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