13 Gadgets, Apps, and Hacks for Packing Your Bags

The Bluesmart is a computer – and can contain one, too!

Pack Hacks

Few things weigh us down both literally and metaphorically quite like luggage – so naturally, it’s about time some of the brightest minds in tech intervened. Here are a baker’s dozen of smart suitcases, shape-shifting bags, and mind-bending apps that will make your travel experience that much easier.

Get Smart

Why fear a stolen bag when the bag itself can tell you where it’s gone? Bluesmart is a carry-on suitcase that you can track, weigh, lock, and unlock all through an iPhone app. Should that iPhone run out of battery, there’s nothing to fear: Bluesmart’s built-in charger can recharge your phone six times over. Trunkster, which we featured in January, also features a built-in scale and GPS tracking, as well as a handy sliding-door entry in place of oft-broken zippers. And if you want to make an un-smart suitcase smart, toss in a luggage locator like the Trakdot or LugLoc.

Stay Smart

Planet Traveler’s Space Case 1 utilizes fingerprint recognition for opening, and DELSEY’s smart stowaway, Pluggage, notifies you via app when it’s aboard the plane. Realistically, there’s probably only one carry-on you truly covet: your laptop. The Phorce Pro computer bag both charges your precious laptop and also transforms into a briefcase, backpack, or messenger bag.

Shift Shapes

In no time, we bet just about every bag will be equipped with a computer – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some damn cool suitcases still without one. Fugu can transform from a carry-on to full-size to a closet and even a table. The similarly collapsible Shelfpack can become your dresser once you check into a hotel. The LeTrav Convertible Case is also a convertible case, though at a smaller scale – from briefcase to backpack.

Going To The Ship

High-tech luggage is great, sure – but so is not having to deal with luggage at all. Lugless picks up, flies out, and delivers your luggage to your destination – all you have to do is make an order through the app. For frequent travelers who are tired of packing and unpacking for every trip, Dufl offers a virtual closet filled with the user’s favorite traveling clothes and sends the user’s selections to their destination. And finally, it was only a matter of time before the sharing economy got in on the action – Indianapolis-based Carry matches travelers going to the same destination, allowing those with too much luggage to pawn some off on those with extra space.