135 Great Jobs at Spring, BounceX, CB Insights, and Etsy

The Business

If you worked for Heinz, you’d have today off – in fact, they’re trying to make “Super Bowl Monday” into a national holiday.

Why not find a job that doesn’t fill you with dread every Monday morning? Check out 135 super opportunities at Spring, BounceX, CB Insights, and Etsy.

BounceX – 44 Open Positions

The behavioral marketing gurus over at BounceX help the internet’s top 100 retailers reduce bounce rates by keeping users on their sites longer. (Meaning they make things way less annoying for us shoppers, hallelujah.) They’re growing…big time. In fact, Inc. named them #1 Fastest Growing Software Company in the US for 2016. We stepped inside their offices to learn more from their team. Check out our videos and apply directly to their 44 open positions here.

Spring – 18 Open Positions

Want to work on app that’s revolutionizing the way we interact with the brands we love? Spring’s the place for you. Former Googler (and NYC Uncubed celebrity) Octavian Costache went from authoring the multiple inboxes Gmail feature, along with making massive contributions to Maps and Finance, to running the tech team as CTO of Spring. For that oh so special consideration, apply directly through Uncubed to one of their many engineering roles here.

CB Insights – 21 Open Positions

Everyday, CB Insights analyzes massive amounts of data to help their users answer questions like “What new markets should we enter?” and others related to the health and future of industries and companies. Pretty sophisticated stuff, we know. But worth mentioning that if your writing chops are on fire, they’ve got five open roles in Research & Content right up your alley! Check out all their opportunities here.

Etsy – 52 Open Positions

From Harry Potter cookie cutters to a taxidermy mouse head, you can find what you’re looking for on Etsy. No surprise given their current whopping total of 1.7 million active sellers (with 40 million items for sale collectively). If you’re interested in continuing to grow an online marketplace for creative entrepreneurs, take look at their 52 open positions here.