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151 startup jobs at Bounce Exchange, IAC, Bookspan, and Fiverr

The Business

The holiday weekend has come and gone, but now that we’re inching out of parka weather, why not keep those feet kicked up on a porch? Well, one reason: startup jobs that need filling. Business time.

Bounce Exchange – 31 Open Jobs | Sponsored

It turns out that if people leave your site before they pay, you don’t get any revenue. Who knew?! Well, Bounce Exchange, for one. The startup’s technology allows clients to maximize their onsite conversions (and revenue). And it’s allowed Bounce Exchange to quickly become a team of 75 with a shiny new office. They’re hiring for six open developer roles and 31 roles overall. See all here.

IAC – 94 Open Jobs

Though not exactly a startup in its own right, IAC’s long list of tech brands – from Okcupid to Mindspark to Vimeo and About.com – makes the Chelsea-headquartered behemoth worthy of a nod here. Nearly a hundred gigs in New York, ranging from marketing to software engineering to design and a whole lot more, can be found here.

Bookspan – 21 Open Jobs

Who said doing things by the book is always a bad thing? That’s not to say Bookspan’s business model is dry – they’re reinventing how we discover, buy, and read books online, so “by the book” only applies in a literal sense. Our book on Bookspan: lots of open gigs, here.

Fiverr – 5 Open Jobs

People doing stuff for people is about as old as, well, people. Fiverr’s pretty new, but they’re taking the old service economy to an exciting, new, digital place. Fittingly, Fiverr’s hiring for five gigs. Find out what for here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).


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