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16 of the best – and strangest – subscription boxes out there

Make this Christmas radioactive.

Inside The Box

Some say the love of family and friends is the gift that keeps on giving. But really, subscriptions are the gifts that keep on giving. If you’re behind on your Christmas shopping, don’t panic – here are some of the best – and strangest – subscription boxes that your loved one will most certainly never forget.

Celebrity Treatment
We have no clue what Pharrell Williams is hiding in that hat, but we’d imagine he bares his heart in a personal letter to all who receive his quarterly subscription boxes. Quarterly Co’s legion of celebrity curators spans from Bill Nye, who previously sent subscribers a DIY herb garden and fake snow powder, to Rosario Dawson, whose package once included an autographed Sin City poster. And if you want to get the real celebrity experience, Coco, of Ice Loves Cocofame, will send you a glamour box.

Tasteful Gifts
Just about anything can be sent in a subscription box these days – save for oysters on the half shell maybe. There’s the Craft Beer Club and the Heat Seekers Club (for hot sauce showoffs), not to mention the Bacon of the Month Club, Bagel of the Month Club, and for some reason, the Moss of the Month Club. But one needs not be in a club to be sent some grub – thanks to the rise in popularity of the paleo diet,PaleoPax has hit the market, somehow setting humanity both backwards and forward. And Turntable Kitchen’s pairings boxes put a spin on the food box game by throwing in some vinyl and a mixtape.

Always Recycle
We can’t help but look back at some of the subscription boxes we’ve written about in the past. From Birchbox to Barkbox to Milk Made and Bespoke Post, some seriously successful services have passed through our publication – but none stack up to the genius of Reed Stock’s Shit Beer of the Month.

For the Dudes
It’s been a good month for man-centric subscription boxes, as TrunkClub locked up a sponsorship of Serial. And whether you prefer your beard oil to smell of Tea Tree or Spiced Citrus, BeardBrand’s “urban beardsman” boxes ought to do the trick. However, no man-box compares to Man Crates – from Grillmaster Crates to Zombie Preparedness kits, good luck getting to whatever comes inside your Man Crate – you’ll have to open it with a crowbar.


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