187 New Jobs at Reddit, Glossier, Weedmaps, and Bonobos

The Business

Divorce is never pretty – even when it’s a cryptocurrency. Tomorrow, a consortium of investors and developers will likely fork the Bitcoin platform to create a faster, shinier version called Bitcoin Cash.

But Bitcoin’s midlife crisis shouldn’t scare you off making a change of your own.

We’ve got 187 great new jobs at Reddit, Glossier, Weedmaps, and Bonobos – check them out.

Reddit –34 New Jobs

Reddit, aka the “front page of the internet”, has experienced some growing pains, but the Condé Nast property has all the makings of a survivor. And they continue to grow fast, hiring for 34 open roles, largely out of San Francisco.

Glossier –13 New Jobs

Those in the know have turned online beauty startup Glossier into a full-fledged cult sensation. If you want to get in on the glossy ground floor, they’re hiring for 13 open roles out of New York. See if you take a shine to any of them.

Weedmaps –44 New Jobs

Yes, Weedmaps does just what the name suggests – help users locate legal weed dispensaries in their neck of the woods. They’re looking for a host of engineers, ops, and marketing types – apply now before they go up in smoke.

Bonobos –96 New Jobs

In the decade since its launch, Bonobos has grown into the largest U.S. apparel brand ever built online. They’re hiring across the board out of their New York headquarters, as well as looking for sales leads throughout the country. See if they fit right here.