195 New Jobs at Hootsuite, Reddit, Fidelity, and More

The Business

Forget about April showers. The northeast is actually experiencing a snow storm today that’s cancelled flights and caused the Yankees to postpone their home opener.

The weather might be weird, but there’s nothing strange here – just jobs, jobs, jobs.

We’ve got 195 of them, at Hootsuite, Magoosh, Hypebeast, Pilotworks, Botify, Reddit, and Fidelity.

Fidelity – 4 New Jobs

One of the world’s largest financial firms, Fidelity is also one of the industry’s most innovative. They’re hiring for Data Science roles out of Boston and Raleigh. Apply here.

Reddit – 74 New Jobs

You know San Francisco’s Reddit, aka “the front page of the internet.” They’re hiring for open roles in engineering, operations, people & culture, product, and sales – mostly out of SF, though there are a few jobs in Los Angeles and New York. Apply here.

Botify – Customer Success Manager, SEO

New York’s Botify offers a technical SEO platform for enterprise companies. They’re looking for a Customer Success Manager with deep knowledge of SEO. Apply here.

Pilotworks – 2 New Jobs

Brooklyn’s Pilotworks operates culinary incubators around the country. They’re looking to hire a VP of People and Culture as well as a Senior Account Executive. Apply here.

Hypebeast – 58 New Jobs

The international fashion platform Hypebeast offers the latest in footwear, fashion, and creativity. They’re hiring for positions in editorial, finance, e-commerce, social media, production, and more – in locations from New York to Hong Kong. Apply here.

Magoosh – Paid Acquisition Manager

Berkeley’s Magoosh is reinventing test prep through video lessons and timed practice sessions. They’re in search of a data-savvy growth marketer for their Paid Acquisition Manager opening.

Hootsuite – 55 New Jobs

The social media management platform Hootsuite is growing fast, with openings in London, Toronto, Paris, Vancouver, Singapore, and New York City. They’re hiring for roles in enterprise sales, marketing, software development, and more. Apply here.


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