2018’s Most (and Least) Exciting Tech and Consumer Products

Your new robot friend

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Since 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show has served as a showcase for the latest and greatest tech gadgets.

The inaugural trade show’s biggest hit? Pocket radios.

It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way in the 51 years since; today, smart speakers like the Amazon Echo would never fit in your pocket.

Check out the tech we’re most (and least) excited for in 2018.


Get ready to see luggage following people around at the airport. Travelmate is a “fully autonomous suitcase and robot” that promises to precisely match a travelers’ speed.

Head Impact Monitor System

H.I.M.S. from Prevent Biometrics is a mouthguard that can detect potentially concussion-causing hits in athletics.


Sony’s robot dog has been around since 1999, but the latest generation, featuring OLED eyes, AI capabilities, and facial recognition, might just be the best yet. As Sam Byford from The Verge wrote, “I played with Sony’s new Aibo robot dog, and I miss it already.”


The desk lamp MyLiFi beams a broadband, highly secure internet connection via infrared LED light.

Toyota e-Palette

Despite a recent Black Mirror episode that centers around a remarkably similar vehicle, we’re kind of excited by the e-Palette, a self-driving, modular store on wheels.

UV Sense

From L’Oréal comes UV Sense, a wearable that attaches to your fingernails to monitor UV exposure.

Black Box VR

Want a virtual workout with real results? That’s what Black Box VR promises, featuring an immersive workout experience that track your progress in real-time.


For patients with spinal cord injuries or partial paralysis, the NeoMano could prove a literal life-saver. The robotic glove uses titanium wires to perform tasks like holding a glass or gripping a door handle.


When you were a kid, did you “invent” a dog or cat translator? Well, that’s just what a slew of adults are also claiming to have achieved. Kyon was one of many “pet emotion trackers” on display at CES. Apparently it works as well as the one you created at age 10 (which is to say, not at all).

The Worst of the Worst

For the second year in a row, not a single one of CES’ keynote speakers was female. Get it together CES.


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