203 Great Jobs at Venmo, Patreon, Yelp, and LeagueApps

The Business

On Sunday, BI’s Julie Bort very nearly broke the internet with her portrait of Silicon Valley’s “coasters” – senior engineers who spend their time “resting and vesting”.

Or as DHH, creator of Ruby on Rails, so aptly phrased it, “Silicon Valley: Where people doing great work 9-5, without climber ambitions, earns the label of ‘coaster’. WTF.”

Whether you’re ready to rest & vest or crush & lush, we’ve got 203 great new jobs from Venmo, Patreon, Yelp, and LeagueApps. Check them out.

LeagueApps – 17 New Jobs

The New York-based startup that’s bringing professional sheen to amateur athletics, LeagueApps is also expanding their own team. They’re hiring for 17 open positions in NYC and Arlington, Virginia – head for the pros right here.

Yelp – 156 New Jobs

After selling their Eat24 service to GrubHub last week, as well as embarking on a new partnership with the delivery service, Yelp is already popping. Go shopping for a great new job – they’re hiring for a whopping 156 positions.

Patreon – 11 New Jobs

Who would have figured a Renaissance model could work in the dotcom age? But that’s just the secret behind Patreon’s massive success. If you want to start enabling the next generation of Da Vinci’s and DeSica’s have a look at their 11 open roles.

Venmo – 19 New Jobs

Sure, critics accuse Venmo of revealing just how cheap your friends really are, but we’ll trade convenience for cash-lessness any day. If you’re looking for a transfer of your own, check out Venmo’s 19 open roles.