208 Great New Jobs at Dropbox, Thrillist, Animoto, and SmartAssistant

The Business

Friday the 13th approaches, but that doesn’t mean you should fear misfortune (or hockey-masked madmen). It’s time to make your own good luck.

Here’s the perfect start – 208 great new jobs at Dropbox, Animoto, Thrillist, and SmartAssistant.

Animoto – 5 Open Jobs

Animoto Logo

For 11 years, the video creation pros at Animoto have been helping businesses, photographers, and families make great videos. Now’s your chance to join the cause. They’re hiring for 5 open positions in marketing, UX, and more – have a look.

SmartAssistant – Web Designer

Smart Assistant Logo

Everyone could use an assistant, especially when it comes to online shopping. SmartAssistant is helping consumers make wise decisions, avoiding the pitfalls of flash sales and endless choices. They’re looking for a web design guru anywhere in the world. Get smart and check it out.

Dropbox – 153 Open Jobs


You know Dropbox. You (almost certainly) use Dropbox. So why not help improve a product used by hundreds of millions of customers? Now’s your chance – Dropbox has 153 open roles in every imaginable field. Drop in.

Thrillist – 49 Open Jobs

The adrenaline junkies at Thrillist aren’t just about fun and games – they’ve turned the brand into an international powerhouse. They’re continuing to expand, with a variety of editorial jobs open throughout the U.S. Add some thrill to your life.