216 Great Jobs at Slack, SoFi, Yotpo, and Simulmedia

Witness the power of the Xerox Alto, developed in part by Robert Taylor.

The Business

Let’s all raise a glass to the memory of Robert Taylor, who died last week at the age of 85. Taylor played a major role in the development of Arpanet (forerunner of the internet), the personal computer, and even the mouse.

If you’re interested in starting your own workplace revolution, then there’s no better place to start than with a great job. Check out 216 of them at Slack, Yotpo, SoFi, and Simulmedia.

Slack – 92 Open Positions

Slack’s millions of daily active users trust the tool to organize their team communication…and to help them send endless /giphy gifs to their coworkers. And last week the team released a long-awaited feature – custom status message updates. With offices around the world, Slack is looking to add 92 new additions to the team. Explore their open opportunities here.

Yotpo – 21 Open Jobs

Yotpo helps ecommerce businesses transform positive reviews into new sales and increased traffic. Many of their open positions are out of Tel Aviv, but they’re also looking for client relations and sales roles in New York and London – check them out here.

SoFi – 95 Open Jobs

Offering student loan refinancing, mortgages, and personal loans, SoFi takes a new approach to lending that includes career counseling and more. In February, the San Francisco-headquartered company announced a whopping $500 million Series F to expand their offerings and their global reach. They’re hiring for 95 open jobs in a variety of roles across the U.S. – have a look.

Simulmedia – 8 Open Jobs

From their incredible new NYC headquarters, Simulmedia is changing the face of TV advertising, bringing big data to the world of advertising. They’re hiring for roles in business operations, engineering, marketing, product, and sales – join the future of television and check out their open jobs now.