255 New Jobs at Mozilla, Looker, TechHub, and More

The Business

We always knew it was too good to be true. It looks like the Moviepass dream is over…

Last week, the service announced that their idyllic one movie per day policy was no more – now subscribers are limited to four tickets per month. And some users are now required to photograph their ticket stubs after seeing movies.

If you’re interested in the real deal, then look no further. We’ve got 255 jobs at TechHub, Elastic, Heal, Mozilla, MalwareBytes, and Looker.

TechHub – Commercial Community Manager

Newly launched in New York, TechHub serves as the global community for tech entrepreneurs and startups around the world. They’re hiring a Commercial Community Manager who can strengthen membership offerings, and generate partnerships with strategic organizations. NB: they’re also looking for Community / Business Development Manager. Apply here.

Elastic – 117 New Jobs

The big data wranglers at Elastic are looking to fill biz dev, customer success, engineering, HR, and marketing roles around the world. Apply here.

Heal – 20 New Jobs

Bringing the house call back to modern medicine, Los Angeles’ Heal is on the hunt for new hires in devops, engineering, operations, and QA. Apply here.

Mozilla – 34 New Jobs

The creator of Firefox, Mozilla, also fights to help keep the internet open and accessible. The company is hiring for roles in biz dev, emerging technologies, engineering, IT, organizational development, product management, and more – largely out of northern California. Apply here.

Malwarebytes – 27 New Jobs

We’re big fans of California’s Malwarebytes, a consumer-facing cybersecurity company. They’re hiring for roles in engineering, growth, human resources, IT, QA, and sales, largely out of their Santa Clara HQ. Apply now.

Looker – 55 New Jobs

The big data analytics and business intelligence startup Looker has 55 open positions, largely out of Santa Cruz (though there are opportunities worldwide). They’re looking for new hires in engineering, customer success, finance, marketing, people & places, product design, and sales.
Apply here.