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28 open jobs at Updater, Yelp, and Datadog

You’ve seen the commercials before, in which a seemingly non-threatening, vaguely creepy white-haired man promises that eHarmony is going to find you love. Get ready for those spots to start taking it to the extreme. The company has tapped Fred Durst, aka the lead singer of nu-metal punchline Limp Bizkit, to direct three of its upcoming ads. We can’t wait.


Updater – 10 Open Jobs | Sponsored

If you’re enticed by the thought of having a big impact, consider this: nearly 45 million Americans move every year. Updater would like to serve them all. The startup helps users forward their mail, update accounts and subscriptions, connect cable and utilities, and more. Updater just opened a new sales office to make room for several new sales hires. In addition, they’re hiring for developer, marketing, customer experience, and operations roles – details here.


Yelp – 10 Open Jobs

We checked twice and nowhere does it say that being able to competently bag on the Bolognese presentation is a pre-requisite to work here. Yelp, the local reviews giant, is hiring for ten open spots in New York, from Queens-focused (or based?) marketing intern to HR generalist. Get the information here.


Datadog – 8 Open Jobs

Are you prepared to make peace between IT and Operations? Sure, it doesn’t warrant a visit to Camp David, but it is a major roadblock for many tech companies. New York-headquartered Datadog, an SaaS startup with an engineering-driven culture, provides a platform for both antagonists to call a truce. Check out the eight jobs they’ve got open in NY (and two in Boston) here.

One of Durst’s spots is currently testing. The other two will drop in August and September.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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