377 New Jobs at Dropbox, Golden State Warriors, Airbnb, and Ellevest

Happy Independence Day

The Business

Oh say can you see yourself in a new career this summer? Then we’ve got just the thing for you.

We’re proudly hailing 377 new jobs at Dropbox, Golden State Warriors, Airbnb, and Ellevest.

Dropbox – 134 Open Jobs

The internet’s favorite storage locker, Dropbox, announced last week that they’re building their own international private network so that users can get to their files faster. They’re also hiring for 134 open roles from San Francisco to Dublin – check them out.

Golden State Warriors – 4 Open Jobs

Take a look at the executive board for the Golden State Warriors and you might conclude that they’re a tech company that happens to own a championship basketball team. If you’re a power player off the court, now’s your chance to join a dynasty – see the opening lineup here.

Airbnb – 232 Open Jobs

Summer vacation is here, and where would we be without Airbnb? The company is reportedly planning a luxury tier for mansions, if you’re really looking to upgrade your next getaway. If you want to upgrade your office, take a look at the company’s 232 open roles.

Ellevest – 7 Open Jobs

The mission of New York’s Ellevest is nothing less than redefining investment for women. They’re looking for engineers, financial gurus, and more out of their NYC HQ – see what they have to offer right here.