391 New Jobs at Peloton, Postlight, MuleSoft, and Hortonworks

The Business

Halloween is tomorrow – are you ready?

There’s still time to show off your love of unlicensed costumes from the worlds of Stranger Things and Legos (or, as they’re known on Amazon, Strange Girl and Blue Toy Block Man).

Here’s a costume change that should interest you even more – a new job. We’ve got TK great ones from Peloton, Postlight, MuleSoft, and Hortonworks.

Postlight – 2 Open Jobs

New York’s Postlight is, quite simply, one of the coolest digital agencies around, working for clients like Bloomberg, Vice, and Sports Illustrated. They’re on the hunt for a product manager and product designer, and they’re remote worker-friendly – get all the details right here.

Hortonworks – 86 Open Jobs

The mission at Hortonworks is nothing less than powering the future of data, and they’re managing to live up to that mantra.
And from Santiago, Chile to Chicago, USA, they’re hiring fast. If you want to join the big data revolution, Hortonworks is looking for everyone from salespeople to engineers.

MuleSoft – 179 Open Jobs

The MuleSoft platform is making life easier for more than 175,000 developers and engineers around the world. Want to lend a hand? Check out their 179 open jobs right here.

Peloton – 124 Open Jobs

Turns out in-home fitness doesn’t have to mean a sad treadmill in the basement. New York’s Peloton is improving exercise for everyone, and that means they’re on the hunt for everyone from hardware hackers to supply chain superheroes. Take their open jobs out for a spin right here.