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4 Great Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated Learning Code

Keep On Keepin' On

Teaching yourself to code – like any self-improvement program, really – often feels like a series of joyless exercises punctuated by moments of epiphany.

But just because you have a long slog ahead doesn’t mean you should give up. Some of the best engineers in the world are self-taught – you could be one of them.

Check out four great tips to stay motivated in learning to code.

Don’t Do It Alone

You’re hardly the only person struggling with that 300-pound O’Reilly textbook – so find some friends to share in the suffering. There are countless online forums – think Stack Overflow, Reddit, and Dev.to. And if staring at a screen for another hour just seems impossible, get out there and join a Meetup.

Keep It Fun

Let’s face it – learning to code is never going to be actual fun. Save that word for amusement parks and comic books. Instead, you should focus on making sure your learning is never restricted to some dry textbook or online course. There are a slew of coding puzzles that will keep your skills sharp and your interest honed. And if you’re really struggling, check out some of the tools and tech used to teach children code – much of it is actually quite useful (and almost “fun”).

Embrace Technology

Endlessly procrastinating? You are not alone. Thankfully there’s a slew of tech tools out there that will help you get off Facebook and back into the books. Check out six great ways to stop procrastinating right now. Heck, even a simple tomato timer can boost your productivity.

Go Easy on Yourself

Listen – you’ve set yourself a big goal. If you miss a day, or even a week, of study time don’t beat yourself up about it. Just crack open that 1000-page Intro to Javascript once again and get back on track.