480 Great Jobs at PlayStation, GitHub, TripAdvisor, and Twitch

The Business

In the past, solar eclipses were believed to be everything from a sign of the gods’ disapproval to a dragon eating the sun.

We’re going to predict it heralds a great new job for you – we’ve got 480 of them at PlayStation, GitHub, TripAdvisor, and Twitch.

GitHub – 54 New Jobs

Who knew that version control could prove such a massive market? The founders at GitHub, that’s who – in nine years, the company has grown to more than 650 employees and 26 million users. Want to join their repository?
Have a look at their 54 new jobs.

TripAdvisor – 108 New Jobs

One of the first sites to harness user-generated content, TripAdvisor is now an international phenomenon, reaching 390 million monthly average users. And they’re continuing to expand around the world – pay a visit right here and learn more.

PlayStation – 227 New Jobs

When Sony launched PlayStation in 1994, the universe of video games was a simpler place. Fast forward 23 years, and PlayStation encompasses everything from consoles to magazines. They’re hiring for a ton of roles throughout California. Ready player one? Power up and take a look right here.

Twitch – 91 New Jobs

If you’re more interested in watching gamers than creating games, then Twitch is the place for you. More than 100 million people broadcast and watch on the platform every month. Want to switch to Twitch? Check out their 91 open jobs.