488 Great New Jobs at Coinbase, PocketGems, Box, Peloton, and More

The Business

Feeling unpopular? The New York Times has just the solution: buy some social media followers.

According to the Times, everyone from John Leguizamo to Kathy Ireland is doing it.

Feeling underemployed? We’ve got the answer there – 488 great new jobs at Coinbase, PocketGems, Box, Peloton, Trivago, Spokeo, and Ecobee.

Pocket Gems – 26 New Jobs

Interactive gaming heavyweight PocketGems is hiring creative, engineering, design, and finance in San Francisco. Apply now.

Spokeo – 27 New Jobs

The “people search engine” Spokeo is hiring for designers, engineers, and marketers in Pasadena, California. Apply now.

Trivago – 20 New Jobs

The discount hotel platform Trivago is hiring for technology, product, sales, and design out of Düsseldorf, Germany (they’ll help cover relocation). Apply now.

Peloton – 124 New Jobs

The tech-enabled cycling platform Peloton is hiring for sales, design, engineering, marketing, and more out of their New York office. Apply now.

Ecobee – 22 New Jobs

Toronto’s Ecobee is building a smart, wifi-enabled thermostat that not only conserves energy but also connects to Alexa. The company is on the hunt for developers, marketers, and more. Apply now.

Coinbase – 78 New Jobs

Coinbase is riding high amid the cryptocurrency boom – they reported revenue of over $1 billion last year. They’re looking for a lot of engineers, customer support, designers, and HR pros in San Francisco, New York, and London. Apply now.

Box – 191 New Jobs

Redwood City’s cloud content platform Box is hiring for 160 open roles in business development, engineering, customer success, finance, IT, legal, marketing, product, and recruiting. Apply now.