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5 Big Things for the Week Ahead

Wakefield’s Dossier: The Week Ahead

The week ahead is fraught with danger – Fed Chief Ben Bernanke will break his sphinx-like silence at a financial market conference, North Korea continues its sabre rattling theatrics, and Facebook prepares to launch its new mobile platform. Winter is coming.


Monday – Stop the Insanity

March Madness finally comes to an end tonight, with the NCAA men’s championship culminating with a Louisville – Michigan faceoff. And Facebook Home’s big advertising blitz starts today. You can check out one of the rather creepy TV spots here.


Tuesday – Get Your Fiber

Could Google Fiber be coming to Austin, Texas? Google has confirmed that they will be making an announcement today – speculation is centered around a rollout of the gigabit broadband service to the Texas capital. The ultra-fast internet service has already changed the landscape of Kansas City’s tech scene. Presumably this will disrupt Austin’s pedicab market in truly revolutionary ways.

ad tech

Wednesday – Money Matters

President Obama unveils his 2014 budget today – we’re hoping there will be a stage show and some flashy PowerPoint involved. And ad:tech San Francisco is in full effect. If you’re looking for a conference with the most monetization-per-minute, look no further.


Thursday – Caddyshack

The Masters Golf Tournament – that annual rite of spring where grown men compete for what appears to be a thriftstore blazer – begins today. Tiger Woods has returned to the number one ranking, so all eyes will be on him. And a much-anticipated teaser trailer for “Dark Souls 2” will be unveiled. Gamers prepare.


Friday – Homeward Bound

Facebook Home hits Google’s Play store today – prepare for the usual point-counterpoint in the blogosphere. And get ready for your Twitter feed to be overtaken by updates from the Coachella music festival, which kicks off today in Indio, California. With appearances from Blur, New Order, and Dinosaur, Jr., you can pretend it’s the nineties all over again.

Who knows what bizarre photo-ops Kim Jong-un has planned for the days ahead? This should be good.

Now go forth (and make it through the week).



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