5 Countries with Tech Scenes to Watch in 2018

Go Global

Perhaps you’re planning to get out of the country in 2018. Perhaps you just want to take a virtual trip around the world.

Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Check out five of the most exciting tech scenes that aren’t in the United States.

Nigerian Startups

Lagos, Nigeria is not only Africa’s largest economy, it’s also the home to the continent’s most exciting startup culture. Learn more about Lagos, and the startups calling it home.

Israeli Startups

Tel Aviv has long been home to a thriving tech culture, and the pace isn’t slowing anytime soon. Meet 7 Israeli startups you need to know.

South Korean Startups

While the political and corporate worlds in South Korea lacked much stability in 2017, the country’s technological innovation continues apace. Check out the best of South Korean startups.

Chinese Startups

You knew China had to appear on this list, but do you know your Alibaba from your Didi Chuxing? Get a crash course in China’s biggest players in tech.

Swedish Startups

From Spotify to Skype, Sweden has long been a player in the global tech scene. Learn more about a country of only 10 million people has grown into a startup stronghold.