5 Hiring New York Tech Companies Transforming The Way We Shop

For Fifth Ave window-shoppers and Bedford Ave boutique enthusiasts alike, New York City represents a sort of shopping mecca. Unsurprisingly, many of the country’s most exciting ecommerce, fashion tech, and ad tech companies call NYC home as well. So, if you’re looking to support that spending habit with a new earning habit, here are five hiring New York tech companies that are transforming the way we shop.

  • Moda Operandi: If your personal style tends towards the luxurious, and your desire to be as fashion-forward as possible tends towards the immediate, you may find yourself shopping for designer clothes fresh off the runway on Moda Operandi. If we may do some tastemaking of our own: we’d advise that you take a spin through our listings of Moda’s openings in New York, here.
  • Etsy: No longer just your crafty roommate’s secret source of vintage amulets, Etsy is now a publicly traded e-commerce behemoth: and yes, that tends to mean open jobs. Their roles range from data and infrastructure engineering to marketing and more — see them all here.
  • JOOR: As our online shopping habits grow, so too does the trove of data. JOOR provides both buyers and sellers with analytics to empower smarter business. You know what else is smart? You guessed it: taking a look at JOOR’s openings, here.
  • Shopkeep: Rest in pieces, traditional cash registers — Shopkeep’s point of sale app helps business owners facilitate transactions and manage bills with ease. Landing a job at ShopKeep may require more than a credit card swipe and a tap, but we’ll at least take one step of the process off your hands: see their open roles in New York, Portland, Belfast, and beyond, here.
  • 1stDibs: Listen, not everybody (or almost anybody) can afford to drop four large on a candle cupboard… but for those who can, there’s 1stDibs: an online marketplace for one-of-a-kind treasures from around the world. We can at least makes 1stDibs’ open roles accessible, in engineering, marketing and more: here.