5-second ads, $5 taco boxes

$5 Taco Boxes at Taco Bell (Via Taco Bell/Instagram)

The “First Job After College” Section

Software Engineer (Recent Graduate)

Saving and investing are important aspects of adulting. So is finding a job after college. Acorns knows all of this, and they’re recruiting upcoming college grads as Software Engineers.

Ready to learn new technologies on the job? If you’re pursuing a BS or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related major, and if you have 1+ years of programming in a functional or object oriented language, shake this tree to see where you land. 

About Last Week…

We heard that some of you had challenges accessing our Entry-Level DevOps Engineer opening with Flow Traders.

We looked into the lack of flow associated with your user journey and have updated the link above accordingly.

Tech Internships of the Week

Electrical Engineering Intern

Want to help 4 billion people gain access to the Internet? Astranis’s electrical engineers are bringing the world online via satellite, and if you’re a student pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in electrical or computer engineering, then here’s your chance to join them.

Writing code that evaluates performance and automates the testing of satellite hardware, qualified candidates will be Python pros who can design, build, and test hardware from scratch. 

Software Engineering Internship

If the EE Internship above doesn’t make you want to solder on (that’s a terrible but timely hardware joke), Poynt is a company that will appreciate your sharp skillset during their summer Software Engineering Internship.

Is your company hiring? 

Post your jobs on Uncubed! All BIPOC-owned and led businesses are eligible to receive a 60% discount on our job board. To receive your discount or learn more, please email: [email protected].

Resources You Can Thank Us For Later

  • Super Bowl Stuff: The big winner at this year’s Super Bowl? Reddit’s 5-second ad, which took the time to celebrate its “underdog status” and a place where Internet legends are born.
    (Editor’s note: Please do educate yourself on the history, context, and outcomes of the recent GameStop, AMC, Nokia, Robinhood, et al. news. This situation is far more complicated than any 5-second ad can explain, and the “winners” and “losers” of these recent events are not nearly as clear-cut as Reddit’s message makes them seem.)
  • Coding Stuff: Do you enjoy challenges that arrive in a colorful box? Then read this story about a 12-year-old founder whose board games teach kids how to code.
  • Coding Bootcamp Stuff: New grads have enough to worry about when it comes to finding a job. Except for receiving an awesome weekly newsletter dedicated to exclusive tech and product jobs at companies like Intuit; we’ve got that covered for you. 

But what about coding bootcamps that are harder to escape than that one-year boxing gym membership you signed up for right before COVID hit? OneZero reviews the contractual obligations at Revature.

The 🌮 Report

How has Taco Bell found a way to succeed in an industry that’s currently getting crushed? Creative promotions like a $5 customizable box that can only be ordered digitally has something to do with it.

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