5 Ways Augmented Reality Is Changing the Way You Shop

The Real Deal

With the introduction of Apple’s ARKit in iOS 11, augmented reality suddenly arrived on nearly 700 million iPhones around the world.

Retailers have taken notice.

Check out the amazing ways five brands are using ARKit to deliver unique augmented reality experiences to their customers.


Still trying to figure out just how big that blender is from a tiny photo on Amazon? Figure no more. Yesterday the retail behemoth updated their iOS app to allow users to view thousands of products in their home or office.


Skip the ugly morning after with some virtual tequila. The Patrón Experience allows you to place a virtual distillery anywhere, complete with a bartender who provides tasting notes and drink recipes.


Skip struggling to assemble your new Kvövrdf and show it off with IKEA Place. Every Ikea product can appear in your apartment, true-to-scale and easy to move.


The DressingRoom by Gap app is an outlier in that it relies on Android devices, but it functions in much the same way. Shoppers can “try on” clothing using personalized avatars.


The Sephora Virtual Artist feature in their iOS app both teaches users how to best apply makeup and also allows them to “try-on” thousands of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and false lashes.