5 Ways Legos Can Improve Your Job, Your Efficiency, and Your Creativity

Image courtesy Special Projects

Block Party

This month, Lego introduced a new line of sustainably made bricks, derived from sugarcane-based plastics.

But that’s just the start. Lego is the world’s largest tire manufacturer, a digital media powerhouse, and one of the most successful toys in the world (although the last quarter wasn’t so pretty).

Not only is Lego innovating, but a whole lot of adults are also using Legos to innovate.

Check out 5 amazing ways Lego bricks can improve your life.

LEGOs for Resumes

Want to score a job? Get clicking. In 2014, aspiring intern Leah Bowman landed an internship after using Legos to create her resume. In the years since, many others have followed her lead.

LEGOs for Time Management

Bit Planner from Special Projects on Vimeo.

If your calendar is looking out-of-control, take inspiration from London design and innovation studio Special Products, who invented a Lego calendar (and accompanying app) to help manage their projects.

LEGOs for Time Itself

The “geek culture and home décor” site Our Nerd Home offers an excellent (and simple) tutorial in how to make your own customizable Lego clock.

LEGOs for Writing

The remarkable Jason Allemann has hacked Lego to create just about everything, but we’re especially impressed with his fully-functioning mechanical keyboard.

LEGOs for Filmmaking

The director of The Lego Batman Movie offers up some great tips on making a stop-motion movie using your Legos.