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52 jobs at Bounce Exchange, Uncubed, ADStruc, and Spotify

It may be Climate Week, but instead of building a raft for the end of days, we’d suggest building your résumé. Here are a few hiring companies of note.


Bounce Exchange – 30+ Open Jobs | Sponsored

Bounce Exchange uses magic (or at least smart design and good tech) to convert abandoning visitors into potential customers. Now, the fast-growing team is looking to convert you into their next employee. Marketers and developers take heed – Bounce Exchange is especially focused on filling out those departments, with openings for Digital Marketing Manager and Senior Engineer. 15 roles are open, but the Bounce Exchange team is looking to hire multiple people for many of them. See what they’ve got available here.


Uncubed – 2 Open Jobs

We’ve made our name exposing exciting companies to talented and ambitious folks like you. So here’s a cool company to consider: us. That’s right, Uncubed’s looking to add a junior developer and an events & communications intern (paid!). If the opportunity to help enormous numbers of people succeed and be happy at work isn’t enough, then maybe the dumplings down the block will do the trick? Get in touch with us here.


ADstruc – Sr. Prod. Manager & 2 Other Open Roles | Sponsored

Outdoor advertising startup ADstruc is at it again, hiring a Senior Product Manager this time around. ADstruc is the industry’s leading online platform, and you’ll be leading ADstruc’s product development. How about that? Little known fact: Uncubed worked out of the ADstruc HQ at one point. So we can vouch for the views from the Soho office and for the quality of the in-office ping-pong lessons on offer. Check out the opening (and two others) here.


Spotify – 34 Open Jobs

What’s that sound? No, not your roommate playing the latest Katy Perry jam on Spotify, we’re talking about the sound of jobs opening at Spotify. The startup-turned-streaming-behemoth is hiring for 34 positions in their New York offices alone. And if you’re itching to work abroad, they’ve got offices in six other countries on five different continents. See it all here.

If you end up with a job, maybe try biking to work. And bring a raincoat. And shorts. And pants. Seriously, we have no clue.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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