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52 jobs at Handybook, WunWun, Farmigo, and Mindspark

Like some digital Ahab, Google’s dreams of conquering the seas have been crushed. One of the search giant’s mysterious barges was sold for scrap metal this week. But if you’re in the mood for sunnier news, then look no further than these four New York startups, all looking to hire.


Handybook – 22 Open Jobs

As long as people have to deal with handymen, plumbers, and cleaners, they will have something to complain about. That’s why New York’s Handybook has the perfect business model – give people the chance to find on-demand help from pre-vetted professionals. They’re expanding fast – looking for everything from engineering talent to accountants. Find out more here.


WunWun – 12+ Open Jobs

What if every store and restaurant in New York delivered? That’s just what WunWun offers users, promising the chance to get everything from an air-conditioner to chilled gazpacho sent to their door. The company is expanding operations and staffing up across the board – engineering, design, ops, and marketing. See all the jobs here.


Farmigo – 3 Open Jobs

We recently had the chance to tour Farmigo’s new offices in Gowanus, and let’s just say we’re still jealous. The NY and Israel-based startup is taking the best of farmer’s markets and CSA’s and bringing them to consumers. The company is hiring for product and operations help. Learn more here.


Mindspark – 15 Open Jobs

IAC’s in-house interactive agency and web portal powerhouse offers the perks of a big corporation with all the cultural cachet of a startup. They’re hiring out of both their New York City and Yonkers offices in every variety of position. Learn more about them here.

At least Ahab never forced his crew to wear Google Glass.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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