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53 jobs at ClassPass, Oscar, Return Path, and FreshPlanet

It’s Super Bowl week, and fittingly, the showdown between the Seahawks and Patriots is plagued with scandal. Don’t feel too deflated – we found 53 jobs, just for you.


ClassPass – 19 Open Jobs

ClassPass is having a good month – they just raised $40 million in Series B funding in hopes of expanding their subscription fitness-booking platform further throughout the U.S. and abroad. Now’s the time to break a sweat and apply for a job; they’re hiring for roles in marketing, product, partnerships, and more. Get started here.


Oscar – 17 Open Jobs

Oscar’s been called the “hipster health insurance company” – all we know is we’re just about as likely to see one of those cartoon Oscar ads on the subway as we are to see a mustachioed trendsetter. That kind of presence means jobs – 17 of them, from gigs in engineering to product to data and more, here.


Return Path – 10 Open Jobs

Moviegoers have long loved returns, be it a Jedi or a King. Return Path’s success, however, is no fiction – their email marketing solutions has the NoMad-based company inching towards $100 million in funding to date. They’re not just hiring in New York (in case you’re eyeing Sunnyvale, Sao Paulo, or Broomfield, Colorado) – but 10 gigs in the city are worth a look, here.


FreshPlanet – 7 Open Jobs

Mobile gamers, step up – the team behind SongPop, TravelPop, MoviePop, and just about every other Pop-related mobile game is hiring for some hefty roles, including creative director of mobile design and product manager. Pop your head into FreshPlanet’s website to see all their openings here.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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