552 Great Jobs at PayPal, Product Hunt, Snap, and Uncubed

Introducing Video Job Postings

The Business

At Uncubed, we’re on a mission to make work human (or Make Work Human ©™, if you will). And in an effort to put an end to those anonymous, cookie-cutter job ads of old, we’re introducing Human Job Postings – audio and video that puts a face (or voice) behind a help wanted. If you want to learn more, we launched today on Product Hunt – check us out.

Uncubed – 8 Open Jobs

Want to see our Human Job Postings in action? Then check out our own jobs page. We’re looking for sales, marketing, and editorial pros, as well as some paid interns. Check out our newly humanized jobs right here.

Product Hunt – 4 Open Jobs

Are you the earliest of early adopters? Then why not join the trendsetters at Product Hunt? They’re looking for designers and engineers both in San Francisco and remotely. Get all the details here.

PayPal – 360 Open Positions

PayPal’s making serious strides to give their customers more choices – we’re talking about their recent agreements with companies like Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Citigroup, to name a few. Not to mention, there are rumors of a potential partnership with Amazon… stay tuned on your local checkout cart. They’re hiring for 360 open positions in the U.S. alone, check them out here (to join the future of digital payments).

Snap – 180+ Open Positions

Snap’s IPO might be one of the most divisive market plays in recent memory, but there’s no doubt the California-based company’s is expanding fast. They’re hiring for more than 180 open roles out of Venice Beach, Los Angeles, New York, and London (as well as a few remote gigs). Get all the info right here.