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56 startups jobs at Conductor, Snapchat, PulsePoint, and KeyMe

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Welcome to the world’s worst week for paranoid people. While we wait for April First and the shenanigans sure to come, know that you can trust us: these startup jobs are totally real. Let’s get to it.

Conductor – 24 Open Jobs

Conductor’s work culture accolades are impressive – they’ve been named one of Crain’s “Best Places to Work in NYC” six years in a row. So is their web presence management product. Most impressive? The prolifically blinding Christmas sweaters you’ll see featured on their careers page. Feast your eyes on Conductor’s open roles (and open-minded fashion sense) here.

Snapchat – 3 Open Jobs

Last year, Snapchat announced they’d be moving in to the top two floors of the old New York Times building. Most of the obscenely well-funded startup’s employees are still based in Venice, but they’re chipping away at filling out their New York team. Take a look at Snapchat’s openings in media sales, IT, and content, before they disappear, here.

PulsePoint – 21 Open Jobs

We’d say you should run, not walk, to the plethora of open gigs at ad-tech company PulsePoint, but maybe you should bike instead – their benefits include a free CitiBike membership. They’ve got engineering and finance gigs aplenty – get to the heart of it here.

KeyMe – 8 Open Jobs

Making a copy of your key can mean a couple things. Perhaps things have gotten more serious with a significant other. Or, maybe your buddy who just moved to town is far too comfortable crashing on your couch. In any case, KeyMe makes it easy to copy keys, straight from your phone. Straight from us? Eight open gigs at KeyMe, here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).



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