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6 Desks That Will Actually Make You Live Longer

If you’re anything like the average American, you consumed more meat this weekend than any other weekend of the year. And you probably sat in a car, train, or plane for a few hours.

So sitting at your desk is the last thing you need this week. (Nevermind that it’s giving you type-2 diabetes.)

Despite all the press, good standing desks are still remarkably hard to find. Here are six of the best options we’ve seen – from DIY to Cadillac.


$22 DIY IKEA Hack

Colin Neederkorn’s DIY model, the Standesk 2200, is the press darling of the bunch. And for good reason: it can be had for $22 in IKEA pieces, some basic screws, and a little elbow grease. While not adjustable once assembled, you can customize to your build during construction by mounting the keyboard shelf at the desired height. In a nod (or middle finger) to IKEA itself, Neederkorn nicely posted step-by-step assembly here.


$140 DIY IKEA Hack

Because the $22 special actually looks like a $22 special, you may consider this only-slightly more spendy upgrade. Twitter designer Jessica Allen’s all-IKEA creation, is still straightforward enough to make and wouldn’t be out of place in a Dwell shoot.


Ergotron Workfit ($500 or less)

The nostalgic techies among us appreciate finding any product with the word “tron” in it. To this end, we serve up the Ergotron, which has been making customizable workstations since before they were called “ergonomic”. TheWorkfit series converts your existing (sitting) desk with an articulated arm, making both the height and the angle full adjustable. The Workfit comes in a few variations, and most will run you less than $500.


Stand Desk ($399)

This is, in fact, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: a cheap, good-looking, functional, automatic desk hits the market. Why this took so long to emerge, we’ll never know. But the Stand Desk steamrolled its $50,000 Kickstarter goal in just 38 minutes. Kickstarter pricing had them going for as little as $399 – and you can still order them by getting in touch here.


FOCAL Locus Workstation ($2,700)

So this is the Cadillac. Except it’s more Tesla than Cadillac. The FOCAL Locus Workstation is sleek and full of design touches that somehow have escaped the rest of the manufacturers in this space. Yes, that’s a seat – but it’s not really a seat. You sort of lean on it, and it feels like magic. Check it out here.


$3,200 DIY IKEA Hack

Yes, it’s three grand – but this is a monumental piece of custom furniture we’re talking about. From Brooklyn-based designers Kelli Anderson and Daniel Dunham, this is for the at-home freelancer who’s not going anywhere for awhile, or could be modified to create multiple workstations. The storage is nuts – as are the before and-after photos. Check it out here.

Now go forth (and get up).So there you have it. You choose: sit there dying and watching your productivity suffer. Or get one of these.


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