607 New Jobs at Magic Leap, MOO, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and more

Image courtesy Neutrogena

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in Las Vegas today, and while we’ll have a full run-down for you later in the week, we’ve got an early contender for the weirdest tech being unveiled.

Meet Neutrogena’s Skin360, a camera that attaches to your smartphone to provide excruciatingly precise details of every wrinkle, blackhead, and zit.

But let’s put your skin routine on hold for a moment and think bigger – jobs. We’ve got 607 of them at Magic Leap, MOO, The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and more

Elastic – 105 New Jobs

The big data wranglers at Elastic are looking to fill biz dev, customer success, engineering, HR, and marketing roles around the world. Apply here.

MLB Advanced Media – 43 New Jobs

The players at MLB Advanced Media are bringing baseball into the 21st century. They’re hiring for roles in content, engineering, gaming & VR, multimedia production, and more, largely out of their NYC headquarters. Apply here.

MOO – 43 New Jobs

You probably have a set of business cards from MOO in your wallet right now. They’re on the hunt for business intelligence, engineering, ecommerce, marketing, sales, and service hires everywhere from London to Lincoln, RI. Apply here.

SF Motors – 115 New Jobs

Silicon Valley’s SF Motors is building the infrastructure behind tomorrow’s smart cars. And they’re growing fast, looking for battery tech, design, powertrain, finance, HR, IT, marketing, and engineering roles, out of Santa Clara, CA and Ann Arbor, MI. Apply here.

Magic Leap – 236 New Jobs

Having recently unveiled their new headset, Magic Leap is ready to jump into 2018 in a big way. They’re hiring for everything from accounting to user interaction, largely out of Plantation, FL and Sunnyvale, CA. Apply here.

Accuweather – 25 New Jobs

If you’ve been on the East Coast, you know the weather can be big news. Join the rainmakers on Accuweather – they’re hiring in accounting, customer service, digital media, IT, marketing, and R&D. Apply here.

Kiva – 3 New Jobs

The SF-based nonprofit Kiva uses lending to alleviate global poverty. They’re hiring in engineering and more. Apply here.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative – 37 New Jobs

Mark might be dedicating his efforts to fixing Facebook in 2018, but the good work of The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative continues. Apply here.


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