62 jobs at Metis, Decoded Fashion, Birchbox, and About.com

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The Business

It’s a good time by the grill for New Yorkers – the city’s wage board is expected to finalize a report endorsing a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers today. Why not improve your work life as well? Here’s a start: four hiring New York tech companies in this week’s Business.

Metis – 5 Open Jobs | Sponsored

Metis may be king in data science training – but that doesn’t mean all they hire for are data science positions. They’re looking to hire both a career advisor and admissions manager to support and manage the growing community of Metis students. See those openings and others – including, yes, a couple of data science gigs – here.

Decoded Fashion – 4 Open Jobs | Sponsored

Decoded Fashion is on a mission to bridge the gap between fashion and tech – and they’re doing it on a global scale. The team’s looking for a community and tech manager to help develop their global startup competition and hackathon series, as part of their event series that stretches to over a dozen countries all over the world. Think you fit the bill? Take a look at that gig, along with three other openings at Decoded Fashion, here.

Birchbox – 38 Open Jobs

Maybe you can put beauty in a box, after all – literally, at least. Birchbox’s beauty product platform has garnered a loyal following, as has the office’s regular supply of home-baked goods. Yes, they’re hiring big: tech, data science, and creative openings abound, here.

About.com – 15 Open Jobs

So, about About.com – they’ve come of age. The self-proclaimed largest body of expert content on the Internet turned 18 this year. And they’re surging: About’s hiring for over a dozen roles at their New York office, ranging from marketing to web development to editorial, here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).


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