63 jobs at Vine, Refinery29, Beatport, and The RealReal

The Business

Sorry, readers. There’s really no reason to love winter anymore. Christmas has passed, New Year’s has passed, and now even Chinese New Year’s has passed. If you’re looking for job openings in Aruba, we don’t blame you. If, for some reason, you’re staying in New York, here’s who’s hiring.


Vine – 9 Open Jobs

The past couple years have birthed plenty of phenomena we never could have anticipated, few more dumbfounding than the rise of the Vine celebrity. Predictably, Vine’s NYC office looks like a fun place to work – beyond their nine human openings, the Vine team is looking for an office dog. Get in the loop here.


Refinery29 – 37 Open Jobs

A Friday off around now probably means a pile of blankets and a crisis regarding whether a trip to the bodega is worth frostbite. A Friday off in the summer? Now that’s a sweet deal. Summer Fridays are just one of many benefits for Refinery29 employees, whose media heft continues to balloon. They’ve got over three dozen openings, here.


Beatport – 8 Open Jobs

Bereaved as the banjoist may be, electronic music is taking over the world. That’s good news for club and dub hub Beatport, who’ve expanded from their Denver headquarters to offices in Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York. They’ve got eight openings here in the city, mostly in tech and marketing. Beat the competition to the punch, here.


The RealReal – 9 Open Jobs

The RealReal is headquartered in San Francisco, but between New York City, Long Island, and Secaucus, the luxury consignment platform appears to be making a real (real) push into the fashion capital’s job market. Most of their openings are in sales and engineering – dig in here.

Now go forth (and give ’em the business).


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