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63 startup jobs at Delivery.com, Zipcar, VaynerMedia, and Trello

The Business

The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off this week, which we anticipate will be considerably more sober than that other festival out in the California desert. But you know what’s really rockin’? Employment. So here’s the Business.

Delivery.com – 21 Open Jobs

Sometimes, a startup can catch buzz behind a cutesy, misspelled name. Other times, doing exactly what you say you do – and doing it well – can serve a company just fine. Delivery.com’s been in the online ordering and delivery business for over a decade now, and they’re hiring big. Openings include product manager, front-end engineer, and marketing roles. Dig in here.

Zipcar – 8 Open Jobs

According to Zipcar’s website, every Zipcar takes 10-15 personally owned vehicles off the road – not by force, just by way of drivers deciding not to own a car. As they continue to clear our highways, Zipcar’s populating more and more roadsides, with nearly 30 offices throughout the world. Most Zipcar engineering roles are in Boston, but sales, marketing, and other gigs are based in New York, here.

VaynerMedia – 28 Open Jobs

Though VaynerMedia specializes in micro-content, the digital shop – now with offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York – has grown quite macro. They’re hiring for more than two dozen gigs at their Flatiron digs alone, including roles in front end, data, and growth hacking, here.

Trello – 6 Open Jobs

Trello’s perfectly OK with remote employees – but where would you rather be working from than here in New York? (Fine: Aruba.) The project organizing wizards have five open roles in either case, ranging from account executive to IT engineer. Say hello to Trello here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).


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