635 New Jobs at Venmo, Time Inc., PlayStation, and Github

Don't mess with Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba.

The Business

We hope you had a merry Single’s Day – that was Saturday’s largely Chinese spending frenzy, launched in 2009, to help make the relationship-less feel some solidarity.

It couldn’t have been better than retailer Alibaba’s; the company reported more than $25 billion in sales for the “holiday”.

We’ve got some other numbers that might interest you – 635 new jobs at Venmo, Time Inc., PlayStation, and Github.

Venmo – 20 New Jobs

Sure, critics accuse Venmo of revealing just how cheap your friends really are, but we’ll trade convenience for cash-lessness any day. If you’re looking for a transfer of your own, check out Venmo’s 19 open roles.

Time Inc. – 198 New Jobs

Finally, a company you won’t have to explain to your parents over Thanksgiving – pretty much everyone knows what Time Inc. does, and now you can get an insider’s knowledge. The publishing behemoth is hiring for a variety of roles in locations around the world – check them out here.

GitHub – 82 New Jobs

Who knew that version control could prove such a massive market? The founders at GitHub, that’s who – in nine years, the company has grown to more than 650 employees and 26 million users. Want to join their repository?
Have a look at their 54 new jobs.

PlayStation – 335 New Jobs

When Sony launched PlayStation in 1994, the universe of video games was a simpler place. Fast forward 23 years, and PlayStation encompasses everything from consoles to magazines. They’re hiring for a ton of roles throughout California. Ready player one? Power up and take a look right here.