64 startup Jobs at Greenhouse, Sprinklr, Omnigon, and Oyster

The Business

NYC Uncubed Spring 2015 has come and gone, but the startup jobs are still a-rolling in – let’s get back to the Business.

Greenhouse – 17 Open Jobs | Sponsored

Greenhouse is all about helping companies hire better, and they’re hiring big themselves. Fresh off a $13.6 million round of funding, they’re growing fast and looking to fill lots of roles in New York, including an HR Business Partner gig. If you’re looking to hop that ship, dig into all their openings here

Sprinklr – 25 Open Jobs

Social media management is big business these days, and big business at Sprinklr means big openings. They’ve got over two dozen roles to fill in New York, and plenty more everywhere from London to Austin to San Francisco and beyond – turn it up a notch here.

Omnigon – 16 Open Jobs

Sports media is evolving far beyond the telestrator, and Omnigon’s playing a big part. Their dominance of the sports digital scene has allowed Omingon to set up shop everywhere from Toronto to St. Petersburg – and of course, New York. See their openings in engineering, client management, and more, here.

Oyster – 6 Open Jobs

Netflix-for-blank is perhaps a bit abused as a company descriptor – in Oyster’s case (for books), it’s apt. The Barnes & Noble step-stool isn’t necessary with Oyster’s digital library at hand, and yes, they’re growing steadily. Read through Oyster’s available roles, many of which are engineering, here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).