662 New Jobs at PlayStation, GitHub, Hortonworks, MuleSoft, Botify, and Rémy Cointreau

| 3 years ago

The Business

Hopefully your resume is worth more than the paper it’s printed on.

For Steve Jobs, it’s considerably more. A job application filled out by the Apple cofounder in 1973 sold at auction for more than $174,000 last week.

If you’re ready to add some value to your resume, we’ve got just the thing – 662 new jobs at Fidelity, PlayStation, GitHub, Hortonworks, MuleSoft, Botify, and Rémy Cointreau.

Fidelity – 4 New Jobs

One of the world’s largest financial firms, Fidelity is also one of the industry’s most innovative. They’re hiring for Data Science roles out of Boston and Raleigh. Apply here.

Botify – Customer Success Manager, SEO

New York’s Botify offers a technical SEO platform for enterprise companies. They’re looking for a Customer Success Manager with deep knowledge of SEO. Apply here.

Rémy Cointreau – IT Service Delivery Senior Manager

You probably know Rémy Cointreau as the global brand behind Rémy Martin, Cointreau, Mount Gay, and more. Now’s your chance to join their New York team. They’re looking to fill a key leadership role that is accountable for delivery of end-user support and projects. Apply here.

MuleSoft – 246 Open Jobs

The MuleSoft platform is making life easier for more than 175,000 developers and engineers around the world. Want to lend a hand? Check out their 179 open jobs right here.

Hortonworks – 120 Open Jobs

The mission at Hortonworks is nothing less than powering the future of data, and they’re managing to live up to that mantra.
And from Santiago, Chile to Chicago, USA, they’re hiring fast. If you want to join the big data revolution, Hortonworks is looking for everyone from salespeople to engineers.

GitHub – 68 New Jobs

Who knew that version control could prove such a massive market? The founders at GitHub, that’s who – in nine years, the company has grown to more than 650 employees and 26 million users. Want to join their repository?
Have a look at their 54 new jobs.

PlayStation – 226 New Jobs

When Sony launched PlayStation in 1994, the universe of video games was a simpler place. Fast forward 24 years, and PlayStation encompasses everything from consoles to magazines. They’re hiring for a ton of roles throughout California. Ready player one? Power up and take a look right here.