699 New Jobs at Netflix, Fitbit, Birchbox, and Casper

The Business

The holiday season is upon us – and that means a rough month ahead for both retail workers and the engineers at your favorite online stores.

We partnered with Amazon Web Services to show you how the e-commerce pros at Spring survive the shopping frenzy. Check it out right here.

And if it’s jobs you’re after, we’ve got those too – 699 at Netflix, Fitbit, Birchbox, and Casper.

Birchbox – 32 New Jobs

Seven years later, the beauty subscription service from Birchbox is still going strong. They’re hiring for biz dev, creative, engineering, and more out of New York and London. Beautify your career and check out their open roles.

Fitbit – 162 New Jobs

Fitbit has become the biggest tracking platform since the NSA. Why not join them? Get your job hunt back on track and have a look at their 162 new jobs.

Netflix – 441 New Jobs

Netflix just added Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It to their already impressive roster. Why not try to get your own name on the list? Binge watch their whopping 441 new jobs – most out of Los Angeles and Los Gatos, California – right here.

Casper – 64 New Jobs

The bedding wars may be heating up, but there’s no doubt that Casper is still taking their opponents to the mattresses. They’re looking for hires in everything from brand design to engineering. Don’t sleep on this – check out their open roles right here.