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7 of the Best Video-Editing Apps You Can Find

It's easier than that.

Edit Cheat

Have you ever seen a vintage Steenbeck editing suite? Used to cut physical film stock, the machine is an unwieldy mess of reels and buttons that’s about the size of a Prius.

In yet another victory for digital media, you can accomplish far more with your iPhone, in a lot less time. But what are the best tools for editing your latest masterpiece?

We’ve got 7 of the best video-editing apps for Android and iOS right here.


A powerful all-around video editor for iOS and Android, filmoraGo is a freemium application that offers filters, effects, and a full suite of edit tools from your mobile device.


If you’re interested in letting the machines do all the work for you, give the iOS and Android video editing app Magisto a spin. The app uses AI to automatically cut together a film from images, video, and text.

Adobe Premiere Clip

A consumer version of their professional Premiere software, Adobe Premiere Clip works best if you’re an Adobe Creative Suite user. But unlike those apps, Premiere Clip is free for both iOS and Android.


The iOS-only Overvideo takes the laborious task of adding captions to your video and makes it a breeze (relatively speaking). If you’d like to use all of the app’s features however, it will cost you a $5 in-app purchase.


The Vizmato video editing app allows users to edit videos in real-time, while also adding Instagram-like filters and effects. Currently iOS only, there’s an Android app coming soon – sign up for updates here.

Stop Motion Studio

For the Wallace and Gromit enthusiasts out there, Stop Motion Studio is the app for you. With a frame-by-frame editor, green-screen effects, and more, the iOS-only app costs $4.99.

VHS Camcorder

Evoking a Lana del Rey-style nostalgia has never been easier thanks to VHS Camcorder. Much as the name suggests, the video app evokes the washed-out and low-res feel of 1984, right down to the time stamp in the corner. For iOS and Android, the app costs $2.99.